Thrifting Like A Boss

Be a discerning thrift shopper. This skill will allow you to build a wardrobe of clothes that are of higher quality than what you’ll be able to afford (or want to spend the money on) brand new.

Avoid buying clothes and shoes just because it is cheap especially if its something that you can pick up for the same price at a local Wal-Mart or Target. Assess your current wardrobe to ensure you are not buying duplicates of the same or similar items, which can build up fast, creating a hoarding situation.

When you are taking inventory of your wardrobe, think of donating gently used items you haven’t worn over a year, and take pictures of items you wish to match with another coordinating item to make a complete outfit.

Taking pictures allows you to scan the inventory of a store online or in-person quickly for the color, style, and occasion of what you are looking for. This BOSS technique will keep you focused on your shopping goals & prevents overspending on things you will probably not wear soon.

Become An Exclusive Savvy Thrifter, by befriending staff members.

When you find the best thrift store that really suits your style and tastes, the next thing you need to do is make friends with the staff. If you know you will frequently purchase from a vendor, as to be place on their exclusive mailing list.

In addition, if you really get to know the staff, you can ask them to let you know when a particular brand of clothing, shoe or item you are ISO and the store will normally send you a “FIRST LOOK” notification before other infrequent shoppers.