Are you looking for a great way to save money on Men’s Style Clothing & Shoes?

You can build an amazing stylish men’s wardrobe from a local thrift store for a fraction of the cost of retail.

Best of all, there are many designer & mall labels you can find that include, Marc Jacobs, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Banana Republic, J. Crew, Christian Dior, Hugo Boss, Zegna, BCBG, Thomas Pink, Michael Kors, Brooks Brothers, and many more!

To master the art of being a savvy thrifter, you must develop a certain skill that gets better with practice and a minimum rudimentary knowledge of men’s clothing along with how to determine value, quality & style, so we’ve put together some helpful tips for your next success thrift haul!

Tip #1: Know Your Size

It is essential that you know your shirt & pants size. Many men do not know their proper size and may actually have a personal selection of poorly fitted clothes including suits.

Visit a local men’s clothing store, a cleaner with an on-site tailor, or a department store; ask the salesperson/tailor to measure you for your correct size.

If you already own one suit & that fits you well, take some key measurements from that suit to compare to used suits being sold at your favorite thrift store or online.

This is the best way to ensure that your used clothes purchase will fit properly with minimal alterations.

Tip #2: Determine Quality and Value

When buying second-hand clothes online or in person, the worst thing you can do is buy poor quality. While shopping online, make sure the site description has the words “gently used or like new”. Or when in the stores, don’t purchase clothes with frayed hems, missing buttons, rips, or faded colors unless that’s the look you’re going for. Research retail stores for the brand you are considering purchasing to make sure you are getting a good bargain; isn’t that the whole point of thrifting!

Tip #3 Educate Yourself

You can put together a high-quality wardrobe very inexpensively by buying used both online and in local thrift shops. The more you know about clothing quality the better you will become at sniffing out true bargains. There are many helpful Youtube videos and websites like Pinterest that can help you coordinate your new Men-Style wardrobe and learn more about Thrifting, so educate yourself to save tons of money and have FUN doing it!